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Bethel Chisom Anthony

Bethel Chisom Anthony is the author of the successful book "Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs for the 21st Century", with great advice on taking their lives from Zero to One, to ten and onwards. 

Life has a series of Events, how you engage with them, experience them, observe them, participate and learn from the lessons and blessings presented by these events will determine how much success you encounter in steering your life in the right direction. Get the Book. 

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Growth is Possible

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This book explains how youth in the twenty-first century can successfully navigate the troubles and distractions that come with daily life and develop personally and professionally by strategically putting simple actions into practice while maintaining a mindset of profound self-awareness and understanding of their life's journey.

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Minister Debbie O. Hare

In this day and age when it seems the ‘normal’ is abnormal and vice versa, Chisom Anthony Bethel has put together a masterpiece that provides all of the keys necessary to start a young entrepreneur on the way to financial success. All of the bases are covered in terms of how to and what is basically needed to succeed. The chapters are clear and precise and makes it an easy read. This book is a must read for any serious young entrepreneur.

Onyine Ibe

Bethel Chisom's exceptionally strategic brilliance shines in new and unexpected ways with this masterpiece.