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There are people who need help but they are not willing to participate in any solution that will require their input or effort. They just want a blank check; if you try to engage them, they will give excuses and complain why their contribution is unnecessary.

Some people need help, they know they need help; they think they know what the exact problem is; but they actually have no clue what the problem is, where it started from, things that are contributing to it (remote and immediate causes); they just don't know what the problem is; they just keep lamenting and shouting because they are experiencing the consequences of the problem; they have for some reasons refused to analytically think about the consequences of the problem to trace and figure out the problem.

They just need a quick fix. They need solution right now; If you attempt to advise them on the best way to approach the problem, develop and tryout lasting solutions; they fight you in there heart, they walk away from you with (perhaps) discontent; If you try to probe them to know the remote and immediate causes? They lie to you or worse still quarrel with you. For exam

ple I have had calls from business owners who say " Please i don't know what is happening to the business, no sales" "..... i'm not making profit..." As soon as i start to ask questions after listening to the challenges; the answers they give and the follow up questions starts to throw more light on what the actual problem maybe; some clients just straight up get offended at the questions. Please Get Help here if you think you fall under this category.

There are others who need help, they know what exactly their problem is, but they are proud, ashamed, stupid, unable because of their previous lie and or unwilling to ask for help. They are now used to the problem; even though the problem tears them apart, tears their business, project, marriage, career apart; they are bold and celebrate the problem. This is wrong, this is fatally wrong; if you fall under this category; please get help.

Now there are people who (God Help us), have a problem, infact a serious problem, but they don't know they have a problem. They think all life's challenges are from God. If you try to tell them that they have a problem they ask you not to "dare their God". My dear, not every challenges we face is caused by nature or God or Life; some are cause by us, by our negligence, by our parents; so talk to people, read, get knowledge about your problem, challenges and tribulation and attempt to solve it by applying the knowledge and possible solution or asking for and getting help.

Here is a highly impactful self-help book that can you successfully navigate the myriad of perplexities and distractions that come with daily life and develop personally and professionally by strategically putting simple actions into practice while maintaining a mindset of profound self-awareness and understanding of their life's journey. This book exposes secrets and highlights a valid compendium of truths that are firmly important to today’s world and beg for patronage while promising glorious returns almost in the same breath.

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