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Fear, Fames & Faith

How do you approach Life? every morning when you wake up, how do you tackle the problems that comes your way; whether man-made or nature cause, how do you tackle your problems or challenges? take a minute or two to think about this, if you are a parent with kids under ten or five, or you have independent wards under you, take a minute to consider the behavior of your kids or wards; how do they approach life or problems, they come to face? A wise man "Dr Isaiah Wealth" once said Fear is not the opposite of Faith, its the opposition to faith, trust me this is not an educational material intended to school you on the mastery or strategies of faith or fear, there are and would be tones of books and libraries dedicated to these subjects; today am more interested in how frames makes us approach Life with either Fear or Faith;

Justin Menkes, Member of the strategic leadership services practices and author of Best seller in his electrifying book, 'Executive Intelligence' he maintains that frames are mental habits that influences judgement, whether domestic or executive; he says that frames are mental accommodation that allow us to control what information we attend to and just as important what we filter out, our mind or the human brain believes in history, it trust history more than the present, it constantly assumes that the solution of yesterday can be tried and most would be best for today's problem.

Frames can be referred to the way our mind accepts and process data which for sure affects the output (information we work with). for instance, have you met fellows who have a particular way of reasoning, anything you tell them they reason it in another way, their mind interpret it differently from the original meaning; so you see a fellow with a square frame of mind, and when any data comes into mind, whether it is round or triangle it is forced into that square-frame; this is inevitably influence judgement, decision, reactions and actions; God help us its not negatively. why does frames matter? why should we care?

A good friend and scientist Habeeb Maciver, asked one fundamental questions what if there is a computer program that can enable me influence actions e.g A parent can also write obedience and respect into their kids, husbands will program fidelity into their wives. and he then asked what if Hitler had this ability? so take a moment to think about this; is this impossible, what if God did it? can He? sure he can! will he? well I cant say; so this tells me that a free will, An Uncensored, unrestricted and highly powerful mind is a gift; like it or not a gift is intended for a purpose; so there is a way I should process data in my mind, there is a way my mind should work, there is a frame that my mind, should be in; like or not our mind's frame is crucial to how aw approach life;

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