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Knowing When?

Understanding Timing For Business, Career & Life.

Understanding the times, is very important; knowing when to do what is a skill only few understand and fewer has learnt to master and is mastering...

Life is uncertain, but time and time again life teaches us valuable lessons through patterns and rthyme; absolving these lessons or ignoring them are to our peril..

A wise man once wrote and cautioned whoever cared to listen that there is a time for everything in life, history will also consider and take note of a tribe that understood the times and seasons (they called them the sons of isaachar) because of our they demonstrated their understanding for the times through their actions and decisions.

Leadership is generally about making decisions and taking actions that will potentially solve problems, ensure benefits and or accomplish any purpose whether good or bad; when these decisions & actions are not made at the right time they will result to consequences...

In today's world, we are faced with so much options, distractions, anxiety, pain, choices, toxicity in (people, places & things) etc.. knowing when to quit, shut up, talk, speak, leave, stop, go, run, pursue, learn, cut of, plan, build, destroy, complain, love, sacrifice etc; is not only one of the most valuable skill one should have and cultivate but also a super power one needs to become successful in whatsoever endeavor.

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Moreover, as they say; there is an exception to every rule.. and weirdly business & marketing make the cut to this exception; as long as you need people to buy your idea, service, image (brand), product, service etc. you have to always Market in the context of advertising, promoting & branding whatever you have for people to #buy. because humans are dynamic and diverse in nature, taste and whatever metric you choose, your marketing has to evolve to appeal & convince anyone whatever you are selling.

In business, there is no specified time to market to people, this is not a marketing course rather it's to buttress the point that Knowing when to do what is wisdom all and in itself.

Join a network of High Earning & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

To Understand Business Timing and also How to go about Marketing do not hesitate to reach out.

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