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In the last free social media marketing and business development seminar we hosted for church members and workers, we explored how Perception is Reality... we saw how people's opinion can become their reality and influence how they do business with you; the bottom line is growth.

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However People quickly draw assumptions when they are not sure of what is; we have social media which has made expression of opinions free, so if you dont actively dictate your narrative and shout about it on roof tops, it will be constructed for you and also subtly re-affirmed from roof tops.Serious Organizations need a Public Relations Strategy, to help improve their brand reputation in the public's eye; more brand awareness equal more leads which ultimately means more sales (all things been equal).

People have experienced and observed so much vain, fake and fraudulent establishment trick them into giving away their money, energy and time; so people tend to assume worst of something, someone and some place they have no clue about; A Public Relations Professional will actively communicate with the public using different mediums and strategies; the activities, programs, ideas, products, services, mission & vision and overall objective of the organisation or establishment.

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So if you have a Business, organisation, institution, idea, project and or program that requires the consent, participation, subscription & patronage of people, you are going to need a PR Strategy come 2021; there is no wishing it away, there is no hoping that people will see what you see as the leader or entrepreneur or founder without actively engaging them with the right information. Some PR communication medium you may want to try out or work on are:

1. Social Media

2. Newsletter (Email Marketing)

3. Brand Ambassadorship

4. Press Release

5. Press Briefings

6. Editorials7. Blogging/Vloging

8. Print Media (Newspaper / Billboard)9. Corporate Sponsorship

10. Partnership etc.

Any one of these mediums can strategically position your brand in the hearts of people and sort of positively influence their behavior towards your brand; Like we talked about in the previous post we saw Entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs must sell. Guess what, whatever you do, your activities or absence of activity is selling your brand, every action you take or not take is communicating tons of message to the public or no message at all creating room for assumptions which will in no time become people's perception about you or your brand.

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It goes without saying, that to actively win this perception battle for your brand, you will need Public Relations Professionals (which I call PR Generals), to come in and help your brand achieve this feat; we know that Assumptions breed Perception, Perception becomes Reality; and reality can either positively or negatively influence people's behavior towards to your brand.

The question though is; what is your PR Strategy for 2023?

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