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Selling your Brand

For people to do business with you, hire you, consult you and or patronize you; they have to care about you in relation to their porblems because you have the capacity to solve their problems effectively and efficiently. This poses a question "who you are and why should anyone care" to answer this question is to communicate your capacity to solve a particular sets of problems.

The question "Who are you and why should anyone care" is an opportunity for you to tell a story about yourself; a true and convincing story that can help to position you in the mind of your audience as a professional with capacity to solve problems. Remember people, businesses, organisations and brands care about their problems more than your emotions or background; some of the very captivating way you can tell your story are:

With a CV; A curriculm vitae, beautiful and neatly arranged is a story that introduces you, talks about your capacity to the audience in your presence or absence; When they see your CV, can they make a decision about you in your favor with just your CV?

With a Portfolio; a rich portfolio is like a cv but with excerpts and visual samples of your work; this is important for content creators and designers.

Social Media Profile : A coordinated & authentic Professional and social details of who you are and what you can do across a variety of social media accounts and profiles you own.

An Elevator Pitch: This is maximum of 3 long or short sentences that are designed to spark the interest of the audience to book a meeting and discuss more with you. these sentences must contain Your full name, How you help people, Organisations & or businesses, A summary of what you would like to do for the audience or what you are doing currently for a business or organisation or persons.

A QUICK REMINDER: Nobody cares about your History or Background; its a fine garnish on your story; but no one really cares, especially employers, potential partners, investors etc... What people, brands, businesses & oragnisations care about mainly is their problems and if you have experience in solving problems like theirs plus if you can solve their problems effectively and efficiently.

Your Audience will most likely be a single person who is a potential boss, or client or partner or investor; it can also be a team of interviewers; you have to be authentic and convincing in showcasing your capacity and ability to provide solutions to problems.

Money is the reward for Value. When your solutions and output are valuable in solving a problem or set of problems you will be paid accordingly.

As Professionals, You have to brand and market your brand effectively authentically continually else you will risk been undervalued, perceived to be a fraud and or under-qualified.

Who are you and why should anyone care?

The Person that knows how to do the Job, will always get the opportunity to get the job done. The person that knows how to do the job well will always be referred to brands and people in need of that service.

The person that knows how to do the Job must also make effort to brand themselves as professionals by always doing the job well; by communicating effectively and by putting an honest effort to solve the problem of their client or in the case of volunteering, their benefactor. This is true for the Businesses and brands who provide services and products; who manufacture and or resells for other companies; Every Job is an advertisement for the next job; Every product, services, project is an advertisement for the next one;

When you do well and exceptionally in solving problems of people and organisations; your output, work, product and or service becomes your brand ambassador and naturally sells you and your brand as a problem solver; or an excellent solver of a particular set of problems.

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